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Communicating a brand effectively is so much more than simply hiring a graphic designer to develop an ad containing your logo and phone number.  At PMA, we create ad campaigns which are not only visually appealing and creative, but are backed by solid messaging which focuses on memorable experiences and customer conversions.

An effective advertising campaign is backed by real marketing.  Placing effective advertising in random mediums without basing placements on research is basically a gamble.  Our skilled consultants offer our clients personalized service, guiding them through the potential pitfalls of purchasing short-run campaigns in “the next greatest thing.”

In addition to ad buys and ad placements, PMA is acutely skilled in assigning tracking mediums and measuring results.  For print ad campaigns, we recommend a healthy mix of brand messaging and redemption components via tracking codes.  If your company seeks exposure through radio or television, we’ll often times assign custom URL’s and measure web traffic generated to gauge the effectiveness of a campaign.

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